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General Knowledge of Classical Guitar Maintenance

First, the guitar strings should be replaced one by one. The most taboo is to use scissors to cut all the strings when they are no longer relaxed. At this time, the guitar is injured because of the instantaneous unbalanced tension. When changing the strings, we should pay attention to the protective panel, especially the rear part of the bridge, which is vulnerable to scratches at the end of the strings. Attention should be paid to tie the strings so that the tight strings do not suddenly loosen and hit the panel, which often causes serious trauma. The tail of the strings can be burned to prevent the strings from sliding out. Special attention should be paid to the low temperature in winter. Wood and paint are brittle when they are cold. Be careful when changing strings.
2. Climate problem high-grade guitar is made of wood, which is very easy to change physically with the change of weather. Generally, the humidity suitable for Guitar maintenance is about 60%. However, it is still necessary to determine the range of humidity provided for Guitar according to the climatic characteristics of the country of origin. A responsible guitar maker tends to take this into account and do some necessary work on wood before making it. Friends in wet areas should pay attention to the moisture-proof of guitar. It should be emphasized that a precise hygrometer is provided for the guitar. There are a lot of hygrometers on the market, but few can accurately reflect the humidity level. I have bought numerous hygrometers myself. The humidity display between them can be more than 30% different. If we maintain the guitar according to the figures provided by such hygrometers, there will undoubtedly be serious consequences. Therefore, if a friend is qualified, he can take the hygrometer to the local measuring unit for measurement.
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