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Guitar beginners’questions?

1. E is the meaning of rising E. It is the expression of pitch.

2. guitar’s tone is C without tone sandwich.

3. Learn to buy Wooden guitar, electric guitar can be used to play general music, but to plug in, playing at home will be more noisy.

4. Generally speaking, electric guitar is more expensive, but the quality of wooden guitar is also higher than that of electric guitar.

5. The ballad guitar is more suitable for beginners. The classical anaphora is more strict, and the classical guitar is mostly used for solo, while the ballad is mostly used for singing.

6.All the brands below 1,000 yuan are miscellaneous brands, and the quality difference is not very big. More than 1,000 yuan in Yamaha can be considered.

7. It will be very painful to learn the left fingertip at the beginning, especially the guitar string is relatively tight, so at the beginning, you can not tune the guitar string to the standard tone and loosen it a little.

8. Over a pint and half a note.

9. insect guitar net. 1

0. Hold on, don’t give up halfway.

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