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How can a girl play guitar to protect her hands?

First, tape up the fingers. Do not want to let the finger injury, might as well use tape wrapped around the finger to see, this will reduce the damage to the finger.
Two. Stick a wound sticker on your fingers to prevent your hand from being injured. Band patches are undoubtedly the best, not only effectively preventing finger injuries, but also protecting the skin of the hand from touching the guitar.
Three, usually pay attention to maintenance of the hand. The fingers that play the guitar often wear out the cocoon, so every time he plays the guitar he needs to be ready to maintain the skin of his hands.
Four, let finger contact area bigger. As long as the range of finger contact is larger, the probability of finger injury will be smaller.
Five, often give your hands more water, rub hand cream. Because the hand after a long time of friction, the fingers will naturally cocoon, so this time it needs more water.