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How to lay a good foundation for learning guitar?

Learn guitar, practice guitar, I do not know where to start, in fact, the system of guitar teaching is like everyone in school to learn English, some people will have ABC learning, from HOW ARE YOU learning. But it’s okay to start with a big piece of writing, just a little bit more resistance and it’s easy to give up. Like learning to sing, a short paragraph, no need to care about music and so on, in order to learn the basis of learning often bad things, do not worry, can not play, you will turn back. Guitars are practiced, the accumulation of quantity is very important, Mr. Lu said he can improvise, is to practice thousands of pieces, not picking music, catch a piece of practice. Don’t talk about guitar. If you are proficient in thousands of words, you can’t talk like a devil. One day you will learn to arrange music, a touch of the stomach, ah, really can not help, thousands of pieces are playing in the inside, want to forget it is difficult, hey, you a style of music, a grasp is a handful, but also afraid of not writing music? Guitar hard grinding can learn, from the basic skills can also be, here set that double-headed guitar high “Even if you use football, no matter what you do well, persist in playing for more than ten or twenty years, you will practice it,” hand Li Xiang told Jizhong Yueban. Some of the pianists in the forum have no foundation at all. Once they come up with the name to practice you are hero, they spend it with it. You say you don’t like him, he will be more energetic with this song in case, people are willing to spend time every day grinding, you dare say he can’t grind it? Professional system training is good because he is scientific. His research is more effective for most people. But this does not mean that people can not progress without professional training. Because I am a translator, I often feel that learning music and learning foreign languages are common. When you were a kid, your parents would teach him to play, talk to him, listen to him a lot, grow up in that environment, but nobody had taught him that one way of speaking was humorous, another was sarcastic, no, right. But as soon as he grew up, seven or eight years old, he began to know how to curse, tease, and sarcasm his deskmate without borrowing his rubber. How could he do that? The same is true of music, what countryside, what blues, what’s wrong with a group of people fighting there, the people studying theory are so boring