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How to learn guitar?

1. Place the right leg on the left leg. 2. Put the most concave part of the guitar box on the right leg, and put the back of the guitar box against the right chest of the body. 3. Lift the head of the guitar to a height higher than the guitar case, about 30 ° ~ 45 ° from the horizontal direction. 4. Place the back third of the right forearm on the most convex part of the guitar case, relax the right wrist, and make the hand cross the guitar string naturally and vertically, or tilt slightly. 5. Place the right thumb on the 5 strings in the hole area, the index finger, the middle finger, the ring finger on the top of the 3, 2, 1 strings (do not touch the strings), and arch the right wrist, forming an arc with the palm and fingers. 6. Lift the left hand, place the back of the guitar neck with the thumb, and place the other fingers on the fingerboard. Place the fingertips on the fingerboard in a vertical position. Do not touch the back of the guitar neck with the palm, but sometimes it will be changed as needed. 7. The folk guitar is often in the standing position. Whether you are sitting or standing with a guitar, you need to relax your hands naturally.

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