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How to practice the conversion speed between chords?

1. When a novice guitarist starts his guitar training, he must start slowly, feel that several fingers can move in harmony at the same time, and then gradually accelerate the speed of conversion.
2. Before practicing a song, it is better to practice the chord connection used in the song separately and then enter the accompaniment.
3. From my personal experience, even if the right hand is playing the decomposition chord, the chord conversion of the left hand finger also needs to move together. If you are used to switching chords one after another, once your right hand is switched to a sweep or other accompaniment with a shorter time value, it will be very difficult to change the chords with your left hand. Of course, if you have already practiced the method of finger drop very skillfully, that is, you will not delay the beat because of chord change in playing, then there is no need to change it.