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The skill of buying guitar

Generally speaking, when you buy guitar, the three most important factors are the intonation, the feeling, the first, the importance of the intonation. There is no doubt that the intonation not only brings you the usual practice, but also brings great trouble, and it may cause IR. The damage to your ears is reversible! This is not exaggerated. For beginners of guitar, it is important to accurately judge pitch, and in the long run, the ear will be very inaccurate in pitch. Most of the natural ears are trained every day, but most of them are trained to have a good sense of sound. If they are controlled by musical instruments, they can be used. To practice, to cultivate musicality is devastating! For example, the technology of pushing strings requires players to judge Twitter’s position by controlling their own pitch. As a beginner of guitar, it is inevitable to repeat pitch and character pitch, so as to correct the intensity and amplitude of the push. The TCH of the instrument itself is wrong. It is a string that is absolutely impossible to push. So it’s best to buy a brand, even a novice guitar player.

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