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What do beginners think of guitar score?

In guitar singing, first of all, we need to know what is the standard ballad guitar score, as shown in the following figure: as shown in the figure, the standard guitar score is marked with the mode of the song, chord diagram, the position of the right hand plucked chord and the main melody (some of the scores will mark the clip needs to be clipped in several items); the “x” on the guitar score represents the chord that the right hand needs to plucked. See the following illustrations for chord diagrams: For example, the top caption “C” represents the name of the chord; the six lines across represent the six chords; the three lattices upright represent the grade marks; the numbers or dots above represent the positions your fingers need to press. Combine the chord graph markers with the left hand to hold the chord, and the right hand to play according to the string markers on the score.
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