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What guitar do beginners use?

Initial words, although more than 200 guitars can also be used, but according to personal experience, more than 200 guitars after you start, you will feel difficult in timbre, pitch, feel and other aspects, want to change the guitar. The truth is that a price is one for one thing, so as a matter of experience, I think the entry must choose a suitable guitar, the price is moderate and in the timbre, pitch, feel, shape and other aspects of satisfactory performance, learning guitar itself is to enjoy music, guitar learning is not good, it is likely to affect your learning guitar. His interests. I just read it on Taobao. If you want to get started, you recommend to buy some musical instruments, such as Kama guitar D1C genuine package, peasant ballad wooden guitar, 555 yuan (without electric box). Girls need 40 inches and 41 inches, which is a little big. I used to buy YD15 in his place. The price and service are good. Other stores of the same type have a price tag of 480. That’s the old model. The same model is 555 yuan, but there are more gifts. You can talk to the shopkeeper about letting him give you a tuner.
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