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What is bass?

Bass is one of the most indispensable musical instruments in the band. It mainly serves as the bass part in the band and sometimes as an improviser soloist. Traditional jazz music generally adopts acoustic bass (double bass) to reflect its original flavor. In modern jazz (especially fusion jazz), synthetic bass sounds in electric bass or electronic synthesizers are often used.

Nowadays, the widespread development and popularity of electro-acoustic instruments has caused a dramatic change in the word band. The number of people has decreased. Usually four people can organize a band. They are composed of rhythm (drums), bass (bass), and chord (guitar). Main theme (keyboard). Bass in the electroacoustic band is actually a bass guitar. The full name is BASS GUITAR. Apply the clef: bass clef, should not increase octave notation. Appearance: The BASS shape is similar to that of an electric guitar. It is slightly heavier and the scale is in the bass position. Therefore, the strings are quite thick and the string tension is quite large. Therefore, the picking power is much greater than that of a guitar.


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