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What is the introduction to guitar?

First, music theory knowledge must be learned. We can learn from the books of Fenghua Art School, such as March Tong. Second, find a popular guitar to start practicing. If you can bear hardships, find a common rotten guitar (that is, the old guitar, generally the chord distance is slightly higher, pressing is harder, but finger training) to practise. Third, if you have the ability to go to guitar to find a teacher, if you have no time to go to guitar, find a video learning base online, and then Add some QQ consultation from guitar master, of course, if he is willing to take you with him. You can record your music and send it to the other side, so that the other side can point out the shortcomings for you. Finally, it is time to practice every day. No one can easily get guitar. March pass is only a rough idea. Everyone who really plays guitar knows how important basic skills are. Beginners’hands, finger shapes and so on should be studied regularly, otherwise it will be ugly in the future, and there may be a big bottleneck in the extension problem is not easy to break through.

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