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What Should First Learn Guitar?

It is very important for beginners to pay attention to scientific methods when learning guitar. 1. Learn the five-line spectrum first. 2. Learn the contrast between the five-line spectrum and the guitar phoneme. 3. Training the scales of each tone. 4. Train the common chords of each tune. 5. Play monophonic melody, learn Solfeggio and ear training, master pitch and rhythm. 6. Play a solo with simple chords, distinguishing between melody and accompaniment. 7. Learning and vocal knowledge, polyphony knowledge, 8. Playing classical guitar songs. 9. Playing and singing learn to train separately. First, grasp the main melody of singing, and train to change chords separately. Finally, play and sing. 10. Train the speed and accuracy of scales. Train the speed of scales to crazy speed and improve skills. The most important thing is to find the correct and scientific training methods. We should not practice too much before we find the correct methods. Otherwise, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. We should be diligent in thinking and researching and gradually turn ourselves into our own teachers to overcome the difficulties in learning. There are many ways to learn guitar. You can make friends with your guitar, go to the bookstore to read books, absorb the essence, watch the master’s playing video, find guitar learning materials in the computer, and ask the experts for advice.

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