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What’s the guitar style?

Guitars are used in a variety of musical styles and are often considered major instruments in popular music, rock music, blues, folk songs, and flamenco. Guitars have also been used occasionally in classical music, in a large number of solos, chamber and orchestral music. It usually has six strings, but there are four strings, eight strings, ten strings and twelve strings. There are two main types of guitars: one is a long-established wooden acoustic guitar amplified with a wooden resonance box; the other is an electric guitar amplified in the twentieth century by a loudspeaker. There are four types of acoustic guitars: flat guitars (also called ballads in China), arched guitars (aka jazz guitars), classical guitars and flamenco guitars. Guitar is usually used for classical music, folk music and pop music. Electric guitars are commonly used for rock music, blues and pop music. The invention of electric guitar has an important influence on western popular culture and music.
Guitar family in the most “noble” classical guitar and violin, piano and tied for the world famous three instruments.

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