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Why is electric guitar based on wooden guitars?

The core of electric guitar is speed, strength and delicate sense of music. In addition, we need to grasp the effect of electric guitar. A qualified electric guitarist should be able to control the filling of the tone and play his role well in the band. This is the basic quality of a musician.
Because of the above requirements, for a guitarist, there must be a certain technical requirements, the following specific description of these elements are what.
First, the necessity of basic skills.
Because of the pickup of the electric guitar, when we play the strings and fingers between the small friction will come out a lot of noise, which requires that we novices in the practice of the piano to develop a habit, that is, the hands are more flexible, more clean, so that the basic skills of the practice is an electric guitarist is indispensable. One of the conditions!
A lot of great electric guitarists started learning from wooden guitars. Why do they do this? The reason is that the wooden guitar is very practical basic skills, wooden guitar first strings are relatively thick, but also relatively hard, for our finger strength training is very good, the other is that the wooden guitar for timbre is not so great requirements, that is, the timbre of the xylophone itself, so when playing is the original sound, for the future electric guitar original sound The exercise is also very good.
Two, to control the performance effect.
The effect is the distortion of the electric guitar made by our electric guitar effector. Compared with the original tone, it has the tone color processed by the electronic components. There are two kinds of effectors (single pieces) commonly used. One is the tube effector. The tone color is relatively hard, suitable for playing heavier music, the other is the tube effector. Diode effector, this kind of effector’s timbre characteristic is quite warm, suits to play blus, the country type music, the effect actually has many kinds, such as chorus, compression, overload, delay, drift, reverberation, balance and so on, general synthesis effector has these effects adjustability!
The learning of the wooden guitar will be more profound for the effect of the feeling, practice the wooden guitar, for the original sound effect and distortion effect of the control and distinction will be more profound, but also easier to master the distortion effect!
Three, the skill of electric guitar is more complicated than that of wooden guitar.
The common techniques used in wooden guitar ballads or classical music are: breaking up the strings, sweeping, tangential, smashing the strings, beating the board, sharing the strings, sweeping the strings, tangential, muffling, overtone and so on. All of these techniques can be played on the electric guitar, but the electric guitar has extended, strong and stringed because of the effect. Crank, string, sweep and so on!
This shows that the technical foundation of electric guitar is based on the skills of wooden guitar.

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