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Zero Foundation for Guitar Introduction

Usually there are guitar shops or piano shops that sell guitars. 2. Guitars are taught in guitar shops. 3. Liu Chuan’s “Mu Guitar Self-study March Tong” is a good self-study material. 4. It is self-study, but it is not recommended to start self-study. Personal suggestions are for reference only: 1. There must be a teacher’s advice before the introduction. It can be a friend who can play the guitar or a professional teacher. The reason is simple: take less detours, give you the correct practice method and get started quickly. 2. It’s better to sign up for a guitar training course (first from the junior class intermediate class advanced class). Generally, each class has about 10 classes. The junior class will study for about 3 months, and then go back to the exercises taught by Mr. An. It’s almost the same for the junior class to start in about 3 months. After elementary school, I have mastered everything from introducing to reading music to playing. In the future, I can choose to report to an intermediate class or choose to study by myself. 3. If you want to take a professional line, it is best to find a professional school system to study.

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