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Always loved the guitar

In the 13th century Spanish by Persian gradually evolved into Spanish guitar has been formed, the word in a wide variety of musical instrument at that time, there are already “Moore guitar” and “Latin guitar”.Among them, the moors guitar body is the elliptical back bulges, USES the metal string, the playing style is rough;The Latin guitar body is a type 8 – shaped flat structure similar to modern guitars.
The Renaissance was the heyday of the guitar.In the 16th century, the guitar and its close relatives, the guitars and their close Cousins, played with their fingers a high level of performance and creation.The guitars and the bviera are not only popular with the public, but also often become court instruments.At the time, the guitars were milan, navalvais and mudara, as well as the baroque guitarists of the 17th century, sansi, colbert, visae, etc.Many of their works are still an enduring legacy of the modern classical guitar repertoire.Guitar at that time, than villa piano Musical Instruments such as systems of notation is not used by the staff now, but with the horizontal line to represent each string, in Numbers or letters and phonemes fingering, and now six line-spectrum similar graphic used in the folk guitar notation.

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