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Pressure chord method
The pressure string method, also known as string or parallel, is the most basic technique used on a classical guitar bass string.The method is: the right hand refers to the vertical touch of the string, forcefully pushing down, and the finger stops on the next string after the sound.The sound is strong and penetrating.
The string method is used to play the melody part and the chord root. It is often used in contrast with the string method to make the music rich in layers.
Hook the string method
After the right fingernail touches the string, use the power of the knuckles to hook the palm.According to the different position of the right fingernail, it can be divided into inclined hook method, flat hook method and segovia hook string method.
Method: the right hand fingernail is perpendicular to the string, flat hook to the palm, make the string vibration sound.This is the most widely used hook string method.When playing, pay attention to the mark symbol. If there is no strength mark, use moderate intensity.
The oblique hook method: with the right hand fingernail close to the part of the thumb to touch the string, the oblique hook to the palm.
In the case of a single string, fingers and nails are applied to the string, fingers touching the strings, and then using the nail string.