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Classification of the electric guitar

By structure to

Jean handle is four screw lock on a harp. Such instruments represented by Fender.

Jean handle it is combined with adhesive to the rim. Such instruments represented by Gibson.

Jean handle the team through to the end, the rim is composed of two pieces of wood to be clamped. Such a harp with Carvin out more, also has a lot of early ESP, but the increase of cost, perhaps the difficulty of technology, has been relatively rare.

Jean folding remove travel guitar, represented by ALP.

With material to points

Refers to the material of the plate, except for a few synthetic materials, can be divided into maple (maple), red sandalwood, rosewood, also known as rosewood), and ebony ebony.

Most of the material: the neck is maple and mahogany (mahogany).

Jean body mass: it’s much more. In the form of the vast majority of the Fender guitar with Alder (Alder), there are some use Basswood Basswood), in the form of the vast majority of Gibson guitar with mahogany top and a piece of maple. Poplar (Poplar) properties and Alder (Alder), so often used; Ash (Ash) are often used to make the rim; In recent years also have part of the metal material of the guitar.

To pick-up points

To pick-up points could be divided into two kinds of single coil and double coil, with their circuit to points, can be divided into active and passive two again.

Although the shape, color, style of the electric guitar is different, but usually in the number and arrange pick-up is divided into the following four:

STRAT (Stella anti-crack) pick-up: single alone

LES PAUL (rice ball type) pick-up: both

HYBRID (HYBRID) pick-up: just double or custom

LEAD (melody) pick-up: a pair of pickup

With electric guitar bridge to points

To the bridge of the electric guitar to points, can be divided into fixed and floating.

According to the sounds learning type

Divided into no echo chamber Kong Qinti entity body and have a sound box notes.

According to the way of playing

Guitars can be divided into fixed bridge, single roll and double rocking guitar.


Other related to the classification of the electric guitar, can according to the width of the fingerboard, chord length, refers to the radian of plate, and the size of the frets.