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First-time guitar, voter ballad guitar or classical guitar?

See what route you want to take and how you want to develop in the future? If you learn ballad guitar, it’s no problem to learn to play and sing in two months, because ballad guitar is very simple, and there are many guitar scores, ballad guitar can be completely self-taught, it’s not necessary to find a teacher, the tuition fee is very expensive and not necessarily useful. First, buy a practical book to teach guitar, don’t read too many guitar scores, read the explanation. Not detailed, many guitar books now have many guitar scores, some are not suitable for beginners at all. Start with simple exercises, when you have mastered several simple chords, you can play them freely. This is “original”. Slowly you will find that playing guitar is not great, but it means ballad guitar. 。 If you learn classical guitar, you need to practise basic skills for a period of time. You’d better understand music theory. Classical guitar is much harder to learn than folk songs. It’s more difficult to refer to and study longer than folk songs. But the learning results are n times as good as folk songs. Once you learn, folk songs and electricity are not under the words.


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