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Classification of the guitar

1. Classical guitar
It is a musical instrument derived from the court, and is said to be a derivative instrument of the lute. The body is made by hand, and the finger plate is flat and wide. The strings are nylon strings, and the upper chords are special. The tone is beautiful and rounded.
2. Ballad guitar
From the classical guitar, the big resonant box of the 12~14 products, the tiny finger plate and the slightly curved finger surface make the playing more relaxed. The strings are both steel and alloy strings, and they are hard. The tone is clear and melodious, penetrating power is strong, the volume is larger than the classical piano, and the metal is heavy.
3, Hawaii guitar
The ancestor of modern electric guitar, playing flat, with metal slider and metal picks as a tool. With a small resonant box, the sound must be enlarged with amplifiers.
4. Electric guitar
It is the upgrading of folk guitar and Hawaii electric guitar, with two kinds of resonant box and single organ. The sound comes from the string vibrating, and the current generated by cutting the magnetic field is amplified again. The device needs amplifier. Because of the different expressive power of music, they are made into different models and styles. Peripherals are huge, such as effectors, amplifiers and so on. Through the peripheral equipment, the guitar can produce various kinds of timbre, with strong plasticity and expressive force depending on personal interests. Playing can create more effects with tools such as pick up, slide stick or even electric drill.
Electric guitar