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How to maintain the guitar?

instruments maintenance can be two or three times every year, time for a new string by cleaning cloth is fingerboard, and a drop of water (the best use of the maintenance of oil). If you don’t clean the fingerboard, then dirt will enter the bass string winding and accelerate the aging quality. As previously emphasized, should be a replacement of guitar strings, so when cleaning the fingerboard nor all the strings of unloading.
Five, other precautions make guitars away from children, pets or those who lack experience in guitar maintenance. These people or animals often cause serious injuries to guitars. Take piano action, not just part of the panel, in the Qin plate this action may not have any consequences, but if they are in the high-end guitar may crush panel. When you don’t use the guitar, put the guitar back directly into the box and buckle it, so that the guitar falls off the box when the box is suitcase. Even if you don’t play regularly, you often have to get the guitar out of the air. It is controversial whether long term no playing or loosening strings. For safety sake, it’s better to slack the string (lower a big second degree). Anyway, take care of your guitar just like your eyes.

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