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Folk rhythm guitar maintenance

It is known that the folk rhythm guitar is a musical instrument made of wood. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to during normal maintenance:
1. To protect the instrument is clean, must often wipe a harp, to keep the instrument itself is smooth, such as wood stain remover may also be used to wipe when necessary (this formulation is specially used for wooden instruments and manufacturing).
2. Avoid sunlight and humidity, and generally, the guitar instrument should be kept away from direct sunlight. If fire is not allowed, avoid high temperature. Wet also affects the tone of the guitar, does serious worsened adhesive glue can’t play, even if it rains when soaked in the rain to go back home immediately after use dry cloth to wipe, lest because of water into the piano body will bring some changes to the piano.
3. Avoid collision. If you are out for a performance or travel, it is better to buy a kit for the purpose of avoiding the guitar. In addition, there is a great benefit to the maintenance of the instrument.
4. When the guitar is not used for a long time, the strings should be relaxed so as to avoid the long-term stress causing the guitar to be unable to play. If you are a beginner of the classical guitar, you can play with the strings, because most classical guitars are nylon strings, and they won’t bend the piano for long periods of time.
5. Occasionally add lubricating oil to the button teeth to maintain its rotating function and prevent rust.
6. Do not scribble on the guitar panel or change the color of the body, which can have a negative effect on the sound quality of the instrument itself.