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Understand the basic knowledge of electric guitar

The electric guitar is the product of modern science and technology, from exterior to sound has obvious difference with the traditional guitar. Design using new hardwood, equipped with the volume, pitch, regulator (jean button) and tremolo structure (rocker) and other devices. Use, the effect of the electric guitar has strong expressive force, has a very important position in modern music. Now used in song accompaniment.

The basic information:

Foreign names
Electric guitar (エ レ キ ギ タ ー)
Pop rock and blues classical folk songs, etc
Application of the discipline
Musicology music performances
The inventor
George Beecher, adolph rickenbacker

Structural components

Folding voice device:

Compared with the traditional acoustic guitar, electric guitar without the sound box, piano body parts made of solid wood.

Through electromagnetic pickup device is the pronunciation of the electric guitar (pick-up) connect the speaker (speaker) and implemented, so you can adjust the sound volume. Due to get rid of the limitation of the sound box, expand the range of a guitar, and makes the expressive force of high position greatly enhanced. In addition, due to the volume but can small electric guitar, note values can be long or short, therefore, compared to the acoustic guitar, more room for manoeuvre, in terms of playing in the glide, vibrato and appoggiatura (that is the outstanding characteristic of the guitar class instrument) is more comfortable. Sound can be made of all kinds of effect instrument and electric guitar to change, modify, and achieve a variety of effect, to play all kinds of different styles of music, but also the charm of this instrument. Must be sound through amplifying device, electric guitar between piano and amplifying device to a cable connection, also can use wireless transmitters to achieve the purpose of jean and microphone connection. When playing usually connect all kinds of effect instrument, in order to send out the voice of all kinds of style.

Fold the neck:

Structure is similar to the folk guitar, but increased to 22 or 24 or more frets. High relative to the folk guitar, electric guitar to play on a more comfortable, expressive force more powerful, with fine, soft and magnetic steel.

The neck and the connection mode of general can be divided into: plug type, screw bolt connection, connect body to the neck.

According to the shape classification of the neck is also divided into U, C type and V type, in order to satisfy different shape of the hand of players.