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Guitars include guitar selection and maintenance

Classification of guitar:
In terms of playing style, guitar can be divided into classical guitar, folk guitar, flamenco guitar, jazz guitar, Hawaiian guitar and electric guitar.
Folk guitar can be subdivided into Acoustic guitar and Cutting down, the former is suitable for chord playing, and the latter is suitable for high position Solo playing. The neck of the folk guitar is relatively thin. The upper finger is 42mm wide. There are 14 characters from the pillow to the body of the guitar. There is a one-month conodont-shaped guard plate on the box, which is played with steel wire strings.
The fingerboard of classical guitar is wider and the body is smaller. It uses nylon strings and combines with the body at the twelfth grade of the fingerboard. Generally used to play classical music, world famous music adapted guitar music, multi-voice music, playing forms including solo, repertoire and so on.
The electric guitar converts signals through the circuit inside the pickup and the piano body. It can be used in conjunction with the speaker and the effector to produce rich timbre and sound effects, which can not be replaced in the acoustic band.
Choice of guitar:
Beginners are generally confused about choosing a ballad guitar that suits them. Here are some suggestions.
First of all, to determine their original purpose of learning guitar, generally speaking, there are two kinds of first-hand impulse to play casually, the second is to take a professional line, to break into a music career.
Then according to their own economic conditions and the above purposes, choose the guitar that suits their psychological price.
3 Next is the price of the guitar.
Generally speaking, the guitar is rough in workmanship and weak in sound quality, but the price is low. It is suitable for those friends who want to play casually. They want to play as they like, and they want to abandon it simply.
Initial brand guitar quality and feel have been improved, can provide beginners with a good learning experience, increase interest in practice, at least psychological satisfaction, better conditions can choose this price. It is more suitable for friends who plan to take professional route in the future.
Professional grade guitar itself uses veneer wood, fine workmanship, beautiful timbre, suitable for performance, professional musicians practice using.
How to Judge the Quality of Guitar
1 whether to make goods or not
A well-debugged guitar will not produce goods.
2. Distance between strings and fingerboard
This distance determines whether the feel is comfortable or not. The lower the distance, the more comfortable it is. It can be changed by adjusting the neck, but it can not be too harsh. Otherwise, the best guitar will also show itself. High-grade guitars generally do not need to be debugged.
3 timbre
The guitar with top-grade wood spruce and other panels has balanced timbre, crisp tone and long resonance duration.
4 workmanship
Whether the silk grinding is smooth, grasp the fingerboard with your hand and slide up and down, whether there is the feeling of cutting hands.
Is there too much resistance or abnormal sound when the knob is on the chord?
Are the parts of the guitar firmly connected, cracked and glued?
The internal sound beam (keel) of the high-grade guitar holes has been finely polished.