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Steps to learn guitar

At the beginning, don’t rush to practice chords. First, play scales to familiarize yourself with the position of each scale on the fingerboard. Different tunes should be practiced for a period of time every day, which is often referred to as climbing the grid in the industry.
And you said it’s more necessary to play rock and roll, because the chords of electric guitar are different from those of folk guitar, such as C chords, electric guitar is different from Muji in general.
You will find that it’s not difficult to learn guitar after basic practice. Compared with professional people, it’s really not difficult to learn guitar after entertainment. Systematics can basically play ordinary songs in about 2 months.
I hope this answer can give you a little inspiration.
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Nothing is as simple as you think.
In addition to hard training, music requires natural music sensitivity.
Learning guitar is like making a song? That’s not possible. At least 5 of your line must be done first.