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How to buy the first electric guitar?

In general, to buy a guitar, the three most important factors in the order: intonation, feel is, first of all, the importance of intonation appearance there is no doubt that the intonation bad music not only bring you the usual practice and play a great deal of trouble, what’s more, it may cause irreversible damage to your ears!This is not an exaggeration. It is important for a beginner to develop an accurate judgment of the pitch, while in the long run, the ear will be severely inaccurate when it comes to pitch.Most natural ear every day, but most of the trained to have a decent sound sense, can be used if the start is controlled by Musical Instruments to practice, cultivation of musicality is devastating!For example, the technique of pushing a string requires the player to judge the position of the tweet by his own grasp of pitch.As a beginner, it is inevitable to repeat the pitch of the pitch and the pitch of the character, thus correcting the strength and amplitude of the push.If the character pitch of the instrument itself is wrong, it is absolutely impossible to push the string.So it is better to buy a brand, even if it is a novice.The low end of the brand, even if the workmanship and materials are not very satisfactory, but at least ensure that the tone is clear.The second factor is the feeling of the hand, the comfort of the piano will directly affect your mood.If you are holding a piano that is not so comfortable, even if it is a master’s endorsement, there will be a little bit of it in your heart.Therefore, in order to practice the piano can be persistent, do not buy the piano back to the ash, the choice of a comfortable and comfortable piano is necessary.

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