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The skill of the right hand when playing the guitar.

I’m going to introduce you to the right hand technique which is the right hand touch, the force and the control.
First, controlling your right hand simply says that the function of the right hand is to make the string vibrate.In other words, the right hand can control the vibration amplitude and direction of the string.The amplitude of vibration and the direction of vibration also contain a variety of changes in tone color.So controlling the right hand is controlling the change in tone.A beginner in find the right hand of the various method (teaching material write: the strings or not the law), after more importantly experience various carefully and contact of the difference between playing method, such as: use without string embouchure can be played by the string embouchure tone or a similar tone, etc.It is easy for beginners or most scholars to overlook the difference between various bullet methods.Played out all kinds of elastic method, sound the same, the effect of the result until middle stage, and even higher stage after he found himself on the law of serious errors, so instead to learn, and caused the waste.The right hand refers to the habit of control, which requires that you pay more attention to the practice and gradually turn the consciousness into the unconscious. You should treat all kinds of playing methods with the eyes of thinking.

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