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How to practice chromatic scale in the beginning

Limit the four fingers of the right hand to move the corresponding strings so that the novice can start as soon as possible, especially for some simple chord rhythm types, such as t3231323, so as to avoid the novice’s rush. If you play finger or other forms of solos in the future, or solos are mixed in playing and singing, the distribution of fingers is often not fixed, or even small fingers are used, or there are double-click situations in strings 4, 5 and 6. You are more likely to play strings 4 and 5 with your index finger. Guitar is a very free instrument. Don’t be bound by dogma. Of course, the basic skills in the early stage should be standardized. In fact, the basic skills training is to improve your “hand feeling”. Just like a football star, he should always play and relax, and also cultivate a sense of football. As for how to pad, there is no “legal limit”. No one will say that you are “wrong” when you use the head and shoulder pads.