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Learning how to play and sing guitar!

To learn the left hand fingering of guitar, we should first master the main chord C, subordinate chord F and subordinate chord g in C major, and the am, DM and EM in a minor. These six chords are easy to learn. Right hand fingering is the easiest way to use 5323 1323, or 5321 4321. All kinds of fingering are clearly marked on the six line manual. The key is to practice. There are also many on the six line spectrum. My first song when I was learning guitar was called orchid grass, which was very easy. It only used C, am, EM and G (g was a little difficult for novices, and the teacher allowed me to use em at that time). In a word, it is suggested to practice some chords in C major and their relation minor am first, and then some chords in G major and their relation minor em. From easy to difficult, step by step, as long as the effort is deep, the iron bar is ground into a needle. In addition, don’t neglect the practice of scale, which is helpful for the later practice of Huacai (i.e. impromptu melody or popular saying called the gate).

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