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Introduction to electric guitar

Electric guitar is a new musical instrument that has flourished in the twentieth Century. It is the general name of various types of guitars produced by electrification. There are usually four types. The three is based on the ordinary guitar or shrink twist are called electric sound type, the entity type and a sound type guitar. There is a similar appearance the zither called steel string guitar. The above four families are in fact a wire stringed instrument. They are in the bridge and near the string place, loaded with natural magnet and coil pickups, with the string vibration caused by magnetic field changes due to the electromagnetic vibration induced current in the coil, the current supplied to the amplifier through the loudspeaker and a beautiful voice. If special effects are added, the sound effect device can be attached.
Because of the location relationship and string pickup will cause changes in the quality of pickups and trimmers so often use more advanced instruments. The electric guitar in the electronic organ such as tone, although the Department of instrument according to its own performance or stop operation and produce change, but the emotional performance is change can be produced by free music timbre. Because the electric guitar inherits the advantages of traditional instruments, and has the sound volume change free electro acoustic brings, to some extent, it is a kind of acoustic instruments of the best; but because of the natural magnet coil short life, easy to break the original gang, short life of musical instruments. Steel Guitar, a popular musical instrument in Hawaii, is well known for Hawaii guitar and is also used in country music. Its improved types are double neck style and pedal steel guitar, which usually refer to these types of guitars as wire string guitars.
The ordinary shape is mainly rectangular, but there are all kinds of modeling, playing or playing on the player’s lap or with metal pedal to play. It is a grade, but in fact is not according to the string but get a bit convenient. It is a standard harp with the six string, but it is also useful for other types of eight or ten strings. The bass strings as the, due to the short dial glissando, so the use of flat copper wire. The steel string guitar does not use the resonance vibration of string carcass, not easy to be reduced. So charming and you don’t know, because the metal dial on the string glissando can produce a variety of glissando sound, in addition to the metal dial on the string for rapid and slight shaking has unique tremolo effect. So many of them make it a musical instrument that is particularly popular with the masses. The steel string guitar can also dial straight through the metal pendulum, tilt, play a variety of chords, and due to the metal dial by chordal convenient, there are more than ten kinds of different tuning method on tuning.

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