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Electric guitar pushing technique

Electric guitar pushing skills, like guitar and string skills, are absolutely indispensable skills in playing electric guitar and guitar. Many electric guitars play by pushing strings to produce their unique taste, so that no string skills mean that you can’t play electric guitar.
The reason why the push string technique produces its unique taste is to use this technique to push one sound to the distance passed by the other.
The shortest interval in music is the second octave, a variety of techniques so we play, it is the smallest unit of the second degree, so it sounds very natural, and push the string and various other skills playing skills, it is on the fingers of the thrust of the string tension increases from the change of different pitch the different pitch is proportional to the different push string force, from one sound to another sound to go through a lot of very small intervals, this creates a feeling of harmony, because this is not harmonious, to produce the unique charm of push string. When the pitch is changed, the position of the sound is not changed. It is also the place to push the string and other skills.
1, basic push string technique:
Push general string is the most commonly used finger push strings, some without formal training of students in time to push the string, use only one finger, which will have a push string is not enough, the big noise phenomenon, the emergence of these problems, is the basic hand push type string, if we push hand type is not correct, will lead to serious problems, and the push string cannot be used in playing skills, so before learning to push string skills, hand push type is correct or not is the key to success.
In the ring finger when pushing the string, the middle finger and index finger to do two different jobs to help push the chord ring finger, the ring finger to press in the style of the frets below the Frets on the ring finger when pushing the string, the finger push string movement at the same time, this movement increase efforts to push chord ring finger, index finger to push the two strings sideways by false chord of string and above, use this action to eliminate the push string caused by the movement, above two string noise when pushing the string, the three finger, which is a problem, will make the push string skills have serious problems, so do we push the formal string skill before must be done with the three finger exercises, when with considerable understanding, can accurately complete a variety of different techniques to push the string.
In addition, push the string finger strength is key to mastering this skill, especially when long push string, if we are pushing the string strength cannot accurately keep pushing up the pitch, after pushing soft skills with string, if the finger does not have enough power could not complete the training skills, so push string finger strength, is also our basic push string training, should be required to complete training program.
Practice, available method to keep pushing string training your finger strength, when we put a string tone push a pitch, we can be 1 to 2 minutes of practice, check your finger strength if you can finish this exercise, it might be very difficult at the beginning, but after a period of time exercise, finger strength will gradually adapt to this kind of practice.
When we have enough finger strength, we can complete a variety of push string techniques.
2, continuous push string technique
The string is a continuous push push string techniques, this technique is difficult the first push string part is connected with the second push string, this part once bad treatment will appear very discordant sound downward, downward tone will appear that the entire string skills come to naught, so we should pay special attention to practice.
We in the connection part, the first after the string tone push downward after the action to be fast, and then immediately push the second tones of the string, and the downward movement do not fully meet the first position to push the string down, as long as a point on it, the only way to exactly continuous push string technique.
3, the technique of pushing chord with the same degree
A very typical skill with string string is pushed push technique, main characteristic of this technique is to push the string sound and second tone or a string and push tone is the same note, this will push the string taste different pitch dual tone color the same, this is not difficult skill index push in the string, finger and ring finger strength is the key problem that by pushing the string sound caused by the noise and.
The middle finger and ring finger downward movement in the string after the push to be small, but it is best not to leave the two fingers that can prevent noise trichord Sanxian, due to push the string.
4. The technique of pushing the small finger into the string
Push string skill with little finger than other skill strings to push harder, the main difficulty lies in the little finger must be in the corresponding products when the other fingers push the string, this request with between the fingers must be very understanding, but also to push the chord finger strength is relatively high, especially this kind of skill when the strong distortion of sound, due to a string and at the same time there will be interference sound source is very large, so the playing skills, the little finger must be an or according to the string, this skill is quite difficult for beginners.
5, the flexible string technique in the push string
This technique of combining the two techniques is one of the most difficult of the techniques for pushing strings, which, in addition to the force required to push the string, also requires the velocity of the string during stringing, as this technique is played Often used, so this trick is a trick we must pass this stage.