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maintenance of the guitar

Under the limited economic background of China, the maintenance of classical guitar is difficult for a working class guitar enthusiast to buy a high-grade classical guitar. It’s not always easy to buy a guitar. When guitars come into your hands, it’s time spent with you for decades. If the guitar is properly maintained and the service life of the guitar is extended to the maximum, it will also improve the performance of the guitar. In addition, the good maintenance of the guitar is more comfortable. Recently, I found that improper maintenance of guitar resulted in serious deformation or external damage. Therefore, this article is more urgent to introduce this article about guitar maintenance, hoping to provide some help to all middle and high-end guitar friends.
1. The climber’s top guitar material is wood, and wood easily changes with the weather. Generally speaking, the moisture used for guitar repair is about 60%. However, it depends on the climatic characteristics of the origin to determine the humidity range it provides for the guitar. A responsible guitarist often takes the initiative to consider and make some necessary treatment before making the wood. Friends in the humid area should pay attention to the dampproof of the guitar. The usual method is to put the desiccant in the piano box or to regulate the humidity in the whole storage space. When the guitar is slightly damp, if the humidity reaches the normal range, the guitar will return to its original state. If it is seriously wet or dry in a short time, it will cause permanent deformation. A humidifier should be used for friends in a perennial dry area. Drying is one of the biggest killers of the guitar. Once the guitar is deformed or ruptured due to deformation, it is often not recoverable.

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