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Social influence of guitar

Guitar because of its elegant sound, easy to learn, has a very individual tone and performance techniques, both euphemistic whisper, but also to express the majestic style of magnificent, so many people dreaming of the soul; a hollow guitar, Dial that six golden strings, you can filled with youthful brisk melody, playing a soothing music space, you can express emotions, but also can cultivate the elegant and elegant charm, wonderful tone and smart Play more to add their personal charm, loved by the majority of young people. From the performance point of view, the guitar’s beautiful sound, expressive and can play various music period music, performance in the form of solos, quartet, concerto and accompaniment. Compared with the piano guitar performance worse than. The only difference is that the volume of a guitar is less than that of a piano, but for modern people living in a densely populated environment, small-volume instruments will not disturb people in practice and thus have more choices in practicing time. It is one of the main musical instruments of popular music today, enjoying the reputation of “musical instrument prince”.

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