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Maintenance of classical guitar

With regard to the maintenance of classical guitar under the limited economic background of mainland China, it is very hard for a working-class guitar lover to buy a high-end classical guitar. It’s not always easy to buy a guitar. After the guitar comes to your hand, it’s a few decades to spend with you. If the guitar is properly maintained and the length of the guitar’s service life is extended to the maximum, it also improves the performance of the guitar. In addition, the good maintenance of the guitar is also more comfortable. Recently, I saw many serious distortion or external damage caused by improper maintenance of guitar. Therefore, this article is more urgent to introduce this article about guitar maintenance, and I hope to provide some help to all friends who have medium and high grade guitar.
1. The material of the top grade guitar of climate factors is wood, and the wood is very easy to change with the change of the weather. Generally, the humidity suitable for Guitar maintenance is about 60%. However, it depends on the climate characteristics of the origin to determine what range of humidity it provides for the guitar. A responsible guitar maker often takes the initiative into consideration and takes some necessary treatment of the wood before it is made. Friends in wet areas should pay attention to damp proof of guitars. The general way to use them is to put desiccant in the piano box, or to regulate the humidity in the whole storage space. After the guitar is slightly damp, if the humidity reaches to normal range, the guitar will also return to its original state. If it is seriously wet or dry and humid in a short time, it will cause permanent deformation. A humidifier should be used for a friend in a perennial dry area. Drying is one of the biggest killers of the guitar. Once the guitar is deformed or cracked by drying, it is often unrecoverable.
It needs to be emphasized that a precise hygrometer is configured for the guitar. On the market of the moisture meter can accurately reflect the numerous, but the humidity level is scanty, I bought many hygrometer, between humidity display can vary by more than 30%, if you follow this hygrometer to provide digital guitar maintenance, it will cause serious consequences. Therefore, if the conditional friend can take the humidity meter to the local measurement unit for measurement.
Two, changing strings should replace the guitar strings one by one. The most taboo is to cut all scissors without loosening, when the guitars are cut off by scissors, then the guitar is injured due to the tension imbalance. Should pay attention to the protection of the panel when changing strings, especially the rear bridge, this place is very easy to scratch by the end of strings. Pay attention to the string technique, and do not let the strained string unlock the hit panel suddenly, which often causes severe trauma. The tail of the string is burned with fire, which can effectively avoid the string slipping out.
Three, note about the use of French Polish guitar. French (Polish) is very weak, so pay special attention to maintenance. When playing, watch out for buttons, zippers, pens and other hard objects on clothes. It is strictly prohibited to strike the panel directly with a nail. If the music needs to be used, it is suggested that a protective film be attached. The protection film can be purchased to protect the palmtop computer to protect the panel. The left thumb is prohibited leaving nails, or after a period of time, you will find the guitar neck has been your nail top too bumpy, seriously affect the feel. For Piano friends, I suggest I said earlier, after they cut the left hand thumb nail please try piano. Don’t try to use any material to polish the guitar. Using a piece of cloth or adding a drop of water is enough (or using a guitar’s Special polish). Soft cloth or cotton cloth should be used. Take care to avoid the high temperature. The heat can soften the French paint and lose its gloss. Do not let the paint meet the sweat when playing in the summer.
Four, on the fingerboard of the fingerboard of maintenance is relatively simple, with linseed oil or olive oil, special oil and other woodwind instruments maintenance can be two or three times every year, time for a new string by cleaning cloth is fingerboard, and a drop of water (the best use of the maintenance of oil). If you don’t clean the fingerboard, then dirt will enter the bass string winding and accelerate the aging quality. As previously emphasized, should be a replacement of guitar strings, so when cleaning the fingerboard nor all the strings of unloading.
Five, other precautions make guitars away from children, pets or those who lack experience in guitar maintenance. These people or animals often cause serious injuries to guitars. Take piano action, not just part of the panel, in the Qin plate this action may not have any consequences, but if they are in the high-end guitar may crush panel. When you don’t use the guitar, put the guitar back directly into the box and buckle it, so that the guitar falls off the box when the box is suitcase. Even if you don’t play regularly, you often have to get the guitar out of the air. It is controversial whether long term no playing or loosening strings. For safety sake, it’s better to slack the string (lower a big second degree). Anyway, take care of your guitar just like your eyes.

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