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Structural composition of electric guitar

The electric guitar is the product of modern science and technology. From the exterior to the acoustics, the electric guitar is obviously different from the traditional guitar. The body is made of new hardwood, equipped with volume, pitch regulator, and vibrato structure (rocker). With the use of the effector, the electric guitar has strong expressiveness and plays an important role in modern music. Now more for song accompaniment.
The electric guitar is a plucked string instrument. The inventor is George Beecham and Adolf Rickenbacker.
Different from the traditional guitar, the principle of vocalization is not the vibration of the box, but the principle of electromagnetics. Its body is a solid wood, not an empty sound box. A coil is fitted to the body of the harp. They are called a pickup. When the magnetized guitar strings vibrate, the flux of the coils on the pickup is changed to produce a current of different frequencies in the coil, and when the electric current is reduced through the electronic sound box, it becomes the sound of the electric guitar.
An electric guitar, from the area, consists of the head of the harp, the neck and the harp, and a few electric guitars are designed with the structure of the head without the harp, which requires a single device in this case.
All parts of the electric guitar include: wooden structures (body, neck, head), metal parts (tuning knob, bridge, neck adjusting steel bar, rocking, pillow, etc.), electrical components (pickup, knob, switch, 6.35mm interface, circuit and electronic components, etc.), strings, and its He has some auxiliary components.
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