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What is the structure of bass?

Usually there are only four strings, and the scale is E, A, D and G. The last four strings of the electric guitar are 3~4, eight degrees lower. The 6 and 8 strings, even the 12 – string, and the 24 – string Bass appear completely to enhance the performance of the bass guitar, making its performance skills and functions more perfect and diversified.
Instrument features: electro acoustic instrument, volume changes can be adjusted. The middle and low voice is thick and loud, and the high pitch is brighter. Like guitar, you can use a variety of techniques to play the characteristic melody. So the electric Beth is not only the accompaniment of the bass, but it often plays an unforgettable phrase, the sound is beautiful, the melody is fluent, the texture is very strong and the change is rich.
Tone and expressiveness: BASS solo tone low, on the one hand, very lyrical expressiveness, BASS playing JAZZ music very taste, and because of the strong sense of BASS rhythm in FUNK performance is not the same.