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The importance of guitar vibrato technique

Bel canto singers have to learn for many years and put a lot of effort into mastering how to use their voice to sing a good tremolo. But many guitarists never want to spend more time mastering the tremolo skills. Many guitar teachers themselves do not attach great importance to the role of tremolo skills, they just teach this skill as an additional content to students, and do not emphasize the importance of rubbing string tremolo to them.
I think the most infectious vibrato is slow or medium speed but larger. However, a small amount of rubbing is sometimes necessary, usually in a very slow and light tone.
Fast chord rubbing is sometimes very effective, but be careful when using it, because it can sometimes make the voice out of control, or even inadvertently cause out-of-tune sound. I don’t often use fast kneading and small kneading, but I never use the fast and small kneading.
For the less experienced guitarist, there are often problems in the skills of string playing:
1) rubbing strings are abused. Some guitarist strings should be added to every possible place. The consequence of overuse of string rubbing is that it loses its influence on the audience where it is really needed.
2) the amplitude of the string is too small. The sound of this string makes you look weak and timid unless you play a particularly soft voice.
3) the string vibrato is not enough. The sound quickly decays, and makes people feel alive. The music that often ends the music is boring.
4) speed is too fast. The tremolo sound is like an annoying buzz made by a flying insect in your ear, and the pitch of the notes tends to get out of control.
5) do not use or rarely use string in pushing tone. When the strings are pushed up, the sound of the notes decays much faster than normal without the support of the rubbing strings. If you don’t know this yet, you can compare the use of rubbing with the non-use of rubbing (especially in the case of push strings), and you will find that rubbing can be very effective in helping to sustain the sound.