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How to improve the efficiency of guitar practice?

After you play a melody slowly and correctly, put the guitar down and close your eyes. You need to be absolutely quiet. Don’t watch TV. Don’t let anything disturb you. Imagine the correct movement in your mind. Imagine the notes you just played (especially the key and difficult points). Imagine your fingers playing a melody slowly. Another note. You need to learn this kind of imagination. It can improve your practice efficiency by 30%. That is to say, if someone plays it 10 times, you only need to imagine it 7 times and 3 times, and the effect is much better. This kind of practice can be done before you meditate or fall asleep. Another advantage of this kind of practice is that it can train your ability to concentrate quickly. Power.
Professional guitarists are professional, largely because they have plenty of practice time. It is not unusual for foreign professional guitarist to practise music (including rehearsal) 8 to 10 hours a day. Amateur guitarists are “amateur” largely because they can only practice in limited spare time. The difference between the two is very obvious. An important factor contributing to this difference is: practice time, not ability. Personally speaking, practicing three hours a day is absolutely different from practicing six hours a day. So I would like to say that the first important thing in practicing musical instruments is to ensure enough practice time. Suitability varies from person to person. The next important point I want to talk about is how to improve the efficiency of practice and how to multiply the results with half the effort on the premise of guaranteeing practice time. Here are some tips I summarized:
1: always “warm up” correctly.
It’s impossible to start practicing just by bringing a bunch of melodies as fast as a machine gun from someone else. Like running or any other form of exercise, playing the guitar requires “warm-up exercises” on the fingers to get in good shape. You first need to do some extension exercises on the left finger, ranging from small to large, so that you can make it work. Blood flows to your fingertips. Then do some scaling exercises. There are many such exercises. You can choose a set you like.