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The original bass solo you’ve never heard before

The practice of three links should also rely on heart plate exercises. Only when you have heart plates can you play. Trilogy in foreign music, such as jazz, blues, Funky, and so on, will have a lot of trilogy. The three link is a very important rhythm.

The note is a four beat, first shot, followed by a dot, representing a half beat. This is the first exercise we touched on the attachment point today. This kind of practice is used in a lot of pop songs. It sounds relatively simple, but the most difficult thing to master is the time value, how long you play, which place should be empty, which place is not empty. This is very particular. We’re going to talk about a little bit of practice today, and there’s no end, so your notes are continuous, the notes are continuous, hold the string down.

Our first exercise is as follows: C tune 1625.

Note: the hand does not leave the string, and the sound can not be broken. After hitting one and two of the second half, the bottom heave must be taken in the latter half of one and two. If there is a drum machine, adjust the drum machine to the forehand and the second row of the latter half.

Second, minor, Am-Dm7-G-C, 6251

One difference between this one and the one just now is that at the end of the fourth bar, C returns to Am with an excess, G – G – A, which is a small chord connection.

Third, 1625 of G.

More notes were added when the middle chorus was too loud. When G went to Em, there was an excess of 5, Em to Am over 3-#2, and Am to D with a 4 excess.

Fourth, B minor, Bm7-Em-F 7-Bm7, master-subordinate-genus-master, where the genus becomes large, the syllable inside is called harmony minor, which is 5, 671 234#56. This is a harmony minor. A lot of Russia, the Middle East, Framingo, Spain, they will use a lot of minor genus, the third chord will appear when the 37 chords, is 3 # 572. The main is Bm7, then Em7, to #F7.

Fifth, F-Am7-Dm-C71365

This tonic – belongs to the tone. There is no harmony size in this tone.