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Electric bass technique

Hammer-on is a technique in which two notes (first low and then high) have a smooth effect. The key points are as follows:
Play a bass first and press the lattice with the other fingers of the left hand to produce another high note before the bass is interrupted.
The lower tone is obtained by the right string, while the higher one is obtained by using the left hand string.
The high pitch should be the same as the bass volume played by the right hand.
Practise using the left hand to play two different fingers.
Pull-off is also a technique for making two notes (first high and then low) smooth.
_Play a tenor first, and when the tenor has not been interrupted, release the finger pressing the tenor and replace it with the finger pressing the bass.
_Release the high-pitched finger, the finger slightly pull down the string movement, so that the string to maintain a greater vibration.
Higher notes are made by plucking the strings with the right hand, while lower notes are made by pulling the strings slightly down with the released fingers.
The bass should be the same as the high pitch volume played by the right hand.
You should practise your left hand and play two different fingers.
Slide is a technique for making the connection between two sounds (first high and then low, or first low and then low) have a sense of smoothness. The key points are as follows:
Play a note first and keep the sound going. Keep the finger pressed by the left hand unchanged. Slide up or down quickly on the same string to other lattices.
When sliding, make the whole movement smooth; and maintain the size of the sound after sliding.
There is no interruption between two tones during sliding.
Exercise every left finger can slide smoothly.