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What are the methods for playing bass?

Select the number of strings. Since bass is an electronic musical instrument, its body can play beautiful sounds in various shapes and colors. However, it is important to choose the number of strings according to your abilities. As a beginner, it is best to start with a 4-string bass.
The original bass was 4-string and was used to play basic music. Almost all bass music is played with a 4-string bass. Because its neck is narrower than the 5-string or 6-string bass, it is easier to hold.
The 4-string bass string is the EADG string, but if you want, you can also tune the string to a 5 string bass like BEAD.
5-string or 6-string bass is very good because they can play a wider range of sounds. However, this also requires more control to reduce the noise of each string and more power to play each note.