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What are the most famous bass players?

Bass soloists include Victor Wooten, Jeff Berlin, Billy Sheehan, Stanley Clark, Stu Hamm and others. X-Japan’s bass player, Taiji, first studied guitar and then transferred to bass. Both techniques seem to be quite good. The famous captain Tetsu of L’Arc~en~Ciel is also one of the best BASS players in Japan. There is a lack of master BASS hands in China. Don’t forget! The late Tang band Bass hand torch. The bass band and singer Akino. Beyond’s bassist Huang Jiaqiang is a famous rock band in Hong Kong. Taiwan’s famous band China blue bassist Zhu Jianhui. Mayday Band Martha (Cai Seung-ho). British 70’s punk band sex pistols Sid Visser, do not look at his tangible wealth for bass tuning, for a real British punk in the 1970s, both the brain and body are more important than musical skills. He is Sid Vicious, the bassist of sex pistols, Britain’s most important punk band.

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