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When I press the string, my fingers touch other strings. Is my fingers too thick?

The chances of finger coarseness affecting strings are small. Although I do see people with really thick fingers, at least 95% of them can play guitar with their fingers properly.
1. No nails on the left hand. In this way, the strings will have an angle, so that the fingers will be inclined to the other strings.
2. The chord-pressing finger should be as vertical as possible to the fingerboard, 100% of the vertical can not be done, but also as vertical as possible.
3. Don’t bend your fingers into folds.
8. It feels stiff that the left hand can’t move. Sometimes it touches other strings. What about this?
Answer: Training finger independence and flexibility, opening finger palm joint is the basic requirement of playing guitar, the most important is finger flexibility and extensibility, which is the best way to solve finger short… Left hand strings to maintain flexibility, not rigidity, to use the fingertips strings, fingers stand up, but sometimes also need to finger belly strings… Scale training is what you will study and improve all your life. It is the most basic guarantee of skill. It is necessary to divide the scale into different rhythms, gradually improve speed and accuracy, train the scales well, train the chords of each tune, and of course play the music you like. First, finger exercises. The bottleneck of the four fingers is the independence of the ring finger, the strength of the pinky finger, and the expansion of the four fingers.