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What are the teaching materials for Guitar self-study?

Joy’s Heavy Metal Rhythm Guitar Textbook and Joy’s Heavy Metal Master Guitar Textbook (both rhythm and theme) are suitable for beginners and further improvement. But you have to practice more to feel it. Because Joey’s skill is not very detailed. But what you practice is absolutely useful! Xiao Linkeji: There are few things you practice at the beginning, and you talk a lot about them. At first glance, I don’t think so. But if you hold the piano carefully and study it, you will find that it is the most suitable book for beginners. The skills are really too detailed. Then it’s intermediate and advanced enough for you to practice. My suggestion is to buy both Kobayashi and Joey. Practice in combination. Joey’s slow practice is normal, but he has to practice every paragraph well. Put Joey’s CD on the computer head and use Windows Media Player to listen on the MP3 head. Or you can. Because if you practice the rhythm wrong and nobody corrects it for you, you may make a mistake and listen to the CD. Very useful! That’s what I did. I think Joy and Kobayashi are the best combination for students (hard rocking and metal).

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