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Basic knowledge of strings-guitar

1. Good strings should have good sound quality, fast setting, stable pitch, good performance (finger safety, strings are sensitive) and long life (if you play for 2 hours a day, strings should last about 3 months).
2. The strings of different brands or different models of the same brand are usually the result of manufacturers’attempts to pursue higher possibilities in the above five aspects, or they try to perform differently in a particular aspect (such as bright or soft voice, etc.). They achieve their goals by adjusting the composition of the strings (increasing or decreasing the content of silver in the strings or carbon in the treble strings, etc.) and the process flow. The manufacture of strings is not a precise science. Each brand of strings has its own unique characteristics, and there are also good and unsatisfactory places. No strings produced by any manufacturer are the best or perfect.
3. It’s a good idea to listen to others’opinions, but it’s important to note that different people have different criteria when evaluating strings. For example, an instrumentalist generally prefers strings that are not too distinctive (neither too bright nor too soft) to highlight the characteristics of the guitar itself. A performer, on the other hand, often has his own specific voice choices (such as plain bass, bright treble, etc.). These preferences do not have absolute aesthetic standards, but depend on the guitar itself and the style of the player. Therefore, a set of regular strings is not necessarily the best choice.
4. The tension of the strings is a big aspect. There are many things to say. Tension is necessary for the strings. We depend on the tension to make the strings reach different pitches. Generally speaking, the tension level is generally divided into five levels: ultra-low, low, medium, high and ultra-high. The tension level on a string depends on the standard length determined by the manufacturer (e.g. Dadario is 648 mm. If the length of the string is more than 648 mm when it is mounted on the guitar, then a higher tension will be required. If it is less than 648 mm, then the tension will be smaller. Therefore, the tension of the string will be considered. Don’t forget the different standard lengths. The higher the tension is, the thicker the string is. The thicker the strings are, the more soft and smooth the sound is. The harder the material, the brighter the sound (such as the carbon pitch string).