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How to distinguish between electric guitar and ordinary guitar

The essential difference between the electric guitar and the ordinary guitar is that the electric guitar pickup is installed under the strings. When the strings vibrate, the pickup generates audio and electrical signals similar to the strings vibration. This volume electric signal can be directly input into the power amplifier to promote the sound of the speaker, or can be processed by the effector and then input into the power amplifier. Electric guitar Fruit Device is an electronic instrument specially used to process audio and electrical signals produced by electric guitar. It can make electrical signals deform in many ways and change the sound effect of guitar audibly. The production of the effector makes the sound of the guitar not only have a strong and strong aesthetic feeling, but also have the power to shock people. There are many kinds of guitar effects, such as “delay”, “distortion”, “harmony” and “balance”. Because the electric guitar is the original form of sweeping the ordinary guitar and the chord setting method is the same as the ordinary guitar, it is similar to the ordinary guitar in playing skills, but the electric guitar is mostly used for Orchestra ensemble, so besides personal skills, the cooperation with the orchestra can not be ignored. Electric guitar is mostly played by pick.

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