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Simple electric bass playing method

Bass left and right hands playing method: Bass right hand playing method generally has two kinds: wheel fingers and pick up.
The ring fingers are usually two-ring fingers (index finger, middle finger), three-ring fingers (index finger, middle finger, ring finger).
Playing with the flip-flop is usually backward, close to the bridge, so the timbre will be brighter, while the ring finger is usually above the first pick-up, getting a thicker timbre. The other is like the guitar, the fingertip strings. Generally speaking, with the belly strings. 3. Bass several basic skills. Like the guitar, bass also has slides, left-handed hook strings, right-handed point strings, muffles and so on, and the bass unique skills: slap, that is, knocking.
This is the most basic semitone practice. 1, 2, 3, 4 are bass 1, 2, 3, 4. Use the forefinger, middle ring finger, and small finger respectively for the left hand strings. If the hand is small, you can change the position appropriately, such as playing the first note from grade 5. Don’t be too eager to start. Practice with the metronome. The beat speed can start from 50. Make a good habit from the beginning. Press the strings with your left hand close to your character and be careful not to make any noise. The right hand should be in sync with the left hand as much as possible. The sounds should be in tune with the metronome as possible, which will affect the performance in the future.
Halftone exercises on a single string are divided into two parts: low position to high position and high position to low position. The same is required. Practice on the 4-chord string respectively. The three exercises in the previous section are the most basic exercises. The following exercises are somewhat awkward. Everyone should practice well. In some places, the fingers can not hold the string easily. If you feel that the first position is bouncing up. It’s too laborious to move some of the high to the top (as from the 5 item).
2,3 These two exercises are similar to 1.The basic skills are as follows.1.The left hand Stroke and the left hand stroke of the hook string bass are the same as the guitar: when striking the string, the first note bounces from the right hand, the second sound bounces rapidly with the left hand and is represented by the letter H; when the hook string is struck, the first note bounces from the hook string, and the second note falls from the left hand finger to the hook string. The left-handed hook string exercises require the same strings. Be careful not to touch other strings to avoid noise. The following example of the left-handed hook score is from Beyond Cold and rainy night live.

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