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The power of the right hand is needed to make the string vibrate.What is the most scientific, rational, and effective power of this power?What we advocate is segovia’s play method, namely the swimmer on the right hand fingers city (the first joint is given priority to, other joint promotion force attached) we can through the finger movement experiment found that this group together with characteristics of small movement range, strong power and good elasticity.It is not correct to force the string with the wrist.Because the wrist force can cause the finger to be unstable, the touch string, the string of the handle is poor.This is not to say that the wrist is not strong, the force of the wrist is mainly used to control the overall direction of the hand.Some people are very tired and nervous.I’m afraid that I didn’t learn to “relax” except for the fact that I didn’t do it right.Relaxation is also a kind of labor, which can be obtained through training.Relax mainly refers to the finger without playing the “string” and “play” after string, the entire right arm strength should be the position of the elbow contact jean, other parts should not have the feeling of tension and strength.We should know that the vibration of the piano is mostly obtained by the explosive force of the right hand, which refers to the explosive force of this moment.Many of the materials are marked as “relax” approach, we should according to the characteristics of their carefully to see, never from a tension into another tense, more can’t absolutely to relax.Each person’s physical strength, physical condition is different, “tired” with different people have different degree of produce, but as we all kinds of practice continuously strengthen, the continuous improvement of technical level, muscle exercise continuously consolidate, alleviated the “tired” will be more and more.