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The right hand guitar skill.

The third, the part of the touch chord and the deep right hand finger are different.With your constant need for all kinds of sounds, you should be able to play the strings with your right hand.In general, we draw four parts of the finger (palm down: the right side of the finger, the middle, the left, and the nail).Usually practice arpeggio playing and some scales use most is the right hand side refers to the left and, front end and all, and measuring points in the lateral touch refers to finger pads and nails and the end of) these two touch method can obtain pure, round, plump and strong, penetrating the best sound effects, and with a little more.And on the right and pure nail touch the string in the flamenco play and get clear, lively, the effect that gives a strong effect is used most, the performance is as long as we carefully experience will understand.How to use the best, just right, we need to practice, experience.The right hand refers to the depth of the touch, which is difficult to answer.Because the same depth, the same force, different people go to play, the effect is obviously different.

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