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One minute to teach your guitar skills.

Fourth, the right hand refers to the power and speed of the right hand, arpeggio is the best practice.Constant and steady exercise can increase the power of the right hand.Pay attention to the change and control of tone color in practice.Long endurance exercise is also necessary, and can not be given up as soon as you practice it.Arpeggio exercises make the right hand strong and flexible.The choice of etudes is very important.Choose the right track to improve your skills quickly.This measure is not easy to grasp, you can consult an experienced teacher, or strictly according to book practice.To do more adaptive exercises is to choose strange music, which requires the right hand to adapt to its changes in a very short time, and to play at a standard speed, which is beneficial to the speed of the right hand.In addition, the sign can do auxiliary exercises, such as: grasp the health force, the fingertip speed wheel hit the table, the full practice makes perfect, as long as the perseverance, the improvement is very fast.After a long period of exercise, the right hand muscles are more adaptable.Bones and muscles will be a certain degree of stretch, since we seek development in addition to and do more practice, at least we should also keep the right hand do consolidation practice, the achievement that is necessary to choose some words every day sound practice alone or tune the paragraph.The speed and strength of the right hand is a long process, which can not be rushed to do a lot of blind and ineffective work, which can affect the development of finger.

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